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Indian Headdress for Sale

No matter what the reason is, finding an Indian headdress for sale, might be a difficult task. The beautifully made authentic accessories are made in so many different ways and places, but curiously, they may be hard to locate.


Online shops are probably the best place to find the Indian headdress. These sites provide a variety of colors and styles, at a very affordable price. It only takes a little online research to find the best shop with the highest quality pieces. Online shops like Ebay and Amazon may have several selections of headdresses but to find the more aunthenic versions, you should try specialty shops, family owned and located close to the Indian reservation. 

 The Classic Designs 

 The most authentic version of the headdress would be crafted with real leather and duck feathers, one of the larger war bonnets constructed with 95 cm long feathers. This headdress is handcrafted and worn by both male and female, featuring beaded headband with fur and feathers around the edges. Feathers of this authentic headdress vary in color considering they are authentic animal features, stitched in perfectly with the other handmade aspects of the design. This war bonnet is perfect for powows or other ceremonial events in the village. 

 The Deluxe headdress is not quite as large, coming in at 65 cm in height. The feathers, although, are generally dyed in a bright color to accentuate the costume properties of the headdress. This headdress may be worn for more striking purposes to gain the attention to the one who wears the piece. 

 No matter what occasion arises, the Indian headdress can be found in all sorts of colors, sizes and designs. To ensure authenticity, look for the absence of brand name or logo. Generally authentic pieces will not have any distinguishable marks to the make of the product. Find the best and enjoy an authentic Indian headdress.